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  The Health and fitness industry, for such a long time, has taught humanity to focus on external changes like diet, exercise, supplements, and gadgets to help us begin living a healthy life. What if I told you that this ENTIRE approach was simply misguided, and that living a healthy life BEGINS somewhere different? 

  It actually begins somewhere MUCH closer to us than we think. So close in fact, that we overlook it. 

  You see, our health begins in the most intimate of spaces for a person. It begins in our mind. It starts with our self talk, our self image, our values, beliefs, and our thinking. 

  As a Self-image & Empowerment coach, Seth not only wishes to guide you into a life where you can produce life long healthy habits. His work shows you the deepest level of why this has been a struggle for you, and ALL of us for so long. With Self-image & Empowerment coaching; Coach Seth will guide you into understanding how you have so much power in creating YOUR HEALTHIEST life, starting with the way you look at yourself, talk to yourself (internal dialogue), love yourself, and then care for yourself with lifestyle habit changes. 

  The work is DEEP, rewarding, and the MOST important part is.... The change created through THIS type of work, is TRULY lifelong.

  Connect Your Health to Life's MISSION is to help YOU get your power and freedom back, so you can start LOVING and LIVING your HEALTHIEST life, ONCE and FOR ALL.

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