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My Services

Nutrition Consulting

Nutrition is key to a healthy fulfilling life. You can't out exercise a poor diet. So after coaching, and learning the tools you need to make clear, empowered choices, and how to follow through with consistent action... Seth can guide you into the knowledge you need about food, and what it does in your body. With this you will be able to.

-Create knowledgeable choices about the foods you buy and consume.

-Make decisions that are genuine to YOUR goals and body when it comes to food.

-Feel empowered in the grocery store or even in restaurants to know that what you choose to eat and buy SERVES YOUR HEALTH MISSION.

-Know how to make adjustments to your food choices on your own, based on what your body is telling you it needs or doesn't need.

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This is the core of change in the work that Seth does with his clients. Changes at the behavioral level can be made quickly, but aren't lasting changes. With coaching, Seth dives deep into each client's true values, true inner goals, and their authentic reason WHY they want to achieve them. And through coaching, the changes begin at the core emotional level, thought level, and THEN behavioral level. Coaching provides you with

- Awareness


-DEEP understanding

-A clear vision forward

- LIFE-LONG tools to take with you on your journey.

Psychologist Session

Personal Training

Seth's knowledge is extensive in how to body moves, and how exercise can enhance and improve that movement. Seth has worked with people for over a decade in creating changes in how their body moves, and performs. Seth also knows that not everyone's body is the same, and NEITHER ARE THEIR GOALS. So Seth focuses on authentic customized exercise routines to empower you to create the changes that you and your body want to create together. With personal training you will gain

-CONFIDENCE in knowing what your goals are for your body and fitness

-KNOWLEDGE of how certain movements and programming help you in achieving your goals

-CLARITY in WHY your body responds as it does to certain exercises

-FREEDOM to take that knowledge and empower yourself to accomplish your journey without being dependent on a gym or trainer.

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