• Single Session- CHF250

  • 15 week Contract (meeting weekly)- CHF3,450

  • Bi-weekly 3 month contract (6 sessions total)- CHF1,410

  • 4 Session power pack (valid for 3 months from contract signing date)- CHF960

To prospective American clients (because I do work a lot with American Clients), CHF= Swiss Francs.... 1 Swiss Franc is almost equivelant to 1 US Dollar (the current exchange rate on 03-June 2021 is 1 CHF= 1.10 USD for reference)

Peronal Training
  • Single Session- CHF120

  • 10-Pack- CHF1,115 (115/session)

  • 20-pack- CHF2,200 (110/session)

  • 30-pack- CHF3,150 (105/session)

  • 40-pack- CHF4,000 (100/session)