Stressorcising into the New Year (and New Year's Resolutions)

In this episode we talk about New Year's Resolutions.. I also talk about the trend of people wanting to start their journey to their healthiest life with exercise, and why this is the MOST DESTRUCTIVE way to try to begin a journey to health.... Also why starting with any form of external change may not be serving you.... This episode is PACKED full of insight and information for you as you close out 2020 and head into 2021 ... Are you thinking about beginning your journey into YOUR HEALTHIEST life?


Have a listen, and allow me to offer you some beneficial shifts in your approach this time around.

I love you ALL .... Have a wonderful end to 2020 and an EXCITING start to 2021 filled with LOVE and AUTHENTICITY (my 2 words for 2021)

Episode Transcript