Coaching with Seth

Coaching is the core of Seth's work with his clients. Sure, you will work on the daily habits of eating and exercising in the process. But these two elements of a healthy life are just a couple of the helpful tools that can create a healthy life. Where I see most people get themselves stuck is seeing these two tools as THE "how to" create a healthy life. The KEY to success in creating a healthy life is in coaching. It is in understanding the mindset, thoughts, values, principles, and self-image that DRIVE the behaviors of eating, and exercising. 


 If you could imagine, that exercise and nutrition are like the engine and the transmission of your car. They are necessary parts for the car to function properly and get you where you want to go, but without someone to drive the car, the car will just sit there. Coaching teaches you how to be the driver, that knows how to optimize the performance of that engine and transmission by understanding how they work individually, and together, and the FUEL (the mind) that brings them both to life... Coaching teaches you how to be that driver, and to do it with CONFIDENCE. Coaching shows you your power and potential in creating your most authentic and fulfilling life, and OF COURSE, it will be a healthy one.


Coaching goes deeper than the daily physical actions you will take. It dives into the CORE of why we live the way we do, and why we make the choices that we make. Coaching guides you into the clarity of seeing all of that with INTENTION, CONFIDENCE and DIRECTION. 

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