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Due to the Federal Council's guidelines set in place for COVID-19, Online sessions are being offered, and will continue to be offered to those who wish to remain socially distanced for their health and safety. 

About Coach Seth

Hello. My name is Seth Lusk. I am a Self-image & Empowering Health Coach.. Here is a little bit about my and my credentials.

Credentials first: I am a Certified Life coach, Certified Master Mindset Coach, Certified Nutrition Specialist, and Certified personal trainer. I also have university degrees in human psychology, human nutrition, and exercise physiology. So, working with me is not only backed by my experience, and my passion, but I make sure that my education ensures quality in my work with my clients.

I am originally from the USA, and moved to Switzerland in 2016. I began my journey in Switzerland of leaving the corporate world of health, and fitness to start my own path as an entrepreneur. With my degrees in psychology, nutrition, and exercise science, as well as my certifications, I provide a HOLISTIC approach to my clients' health.


I use my skills as a professional to create awareness, and action in all 5 areas of human health.

 1. Mental: Self-talk, Self-image, beliefs, and thinking patterns, and more

2. Emotional: Our feelings, and emotions, where they come from, how to create them with intention, and how they serve us, and how to use self-love in our exploration of them.

3. Spiritual: Our connection to our purpose, and higher self through various spiritual practices and beliefs (meditaion, yoga, belief in a higher power, etc...). This is where we discover our true inner purpose and create authenticity and fulfillment in how we show up in our life.

4. Nutritional: The power of our choice in the things we consume and what they create in our body

5. Physical (fitness): How we connect with our body through intentional movement to celebrate its health, vitality, and energy.

I use all of these areas of health to help people gain clarity on the blocks they are experiencing in reaching their goals of a healthy life. Through this I guide them to become the most authentic, fulfilled, and healthiest version of themselves. I show my clients how these 5 areas of health all tie together to create one healthy life.   


I TRULY have a passion for seeing people FINALLY see themselves with love, and compassion. I feel joy when I watch a client begin to  believe in themselves and GO FOR THEIR GOALS with confidence.


If there is ANYONE in this field of work that is passionate about life itself, and helping people step into their true purpose and power in LOVING and LIVING their healthiest life; it IS ME!


Let's work together to connect all areas of your life and health, so you can CREATE, LOVE, and start LIVING as the most AUTHENTIC, and FULFILLED you! 



What is Coaching ?

Seth Lusk has worked hard to achieve many goals in his life. From graduating early from University, getting hired for his first job in his field of study BEFORE graduating, to moving to a foreign country and starting over completely, to starting his own company in the country he moved to, while in the midst of navigating a divorce, to rebranding that company as his vision grew, and grew; Seth knows what it takes to push forward in the face of adversity, while exercising self-love, and compassion. He is also very familiar with the struggles of a negative self image, or even not being sure of one's self image. He has learned how to be present with doubtful thinking, while at the same time, taking forward action into uncertainty. He has worked through limiting beliefs, low self-worth,

and learned how all of these effect a person's ability to create, and show up in their life as an unstoppable force. Seth knows how to create and  reach for goals in unstoppably in life. Let Seth guide you into a space of inner strength, confidence, and clarity that allows you to reach your FULL purpose and potential. One on one coaching time with Seth is designed to dig deep into your inner dialogue, and your belief systems that are creating your current results in life, It is designed to guide you into releasing doubt, guilt and shame, and to step into confidence, love, and empowerment. It is there to support you to create, and live your most authentic and fulfilling life. Let coach Seth help you to connect the dots with your mind, and body, and discover the HEALTHIEST, and MOST authentic YOU.

The recipe for great health, happens in the kitchen.

Fitness Equipments

Take the time to take a look at your current eating habits with coach Seth. Seth will coach you to create a nutrition plan of action that not only WORKS for you, but is based in the latest science of nutrition. Seth not only has multiple nutrition based degrees and certifications, but also has a passion to continue keeping up with the latest research and news in the realm of nutrition. Let Seth help you gain confidence and clarity with your nutrition.

Individualized, and Expert guided fitness training

Putting the theory of exercise into application can feel a bit daunting and intimidating. Let Seth help you take the guess work out of the time you spend moving your body with the intention of vitality, health, strength, and stamina. Seth has over a decade of experience in guiding people to a space of confidence in the world of fitness.

Food Knolling

Nutrition Planning



Personal Training

Social Media


Contact Me

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact Seth Lusk via email, phone, contact form (below) or via social media links (below).

076 462 04 25

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