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Reconnecting the mind and body for the healthiest YOU

I'm an experienced personal trainer, nutrition specialist, and health coach from the USA. I moved to Zurich Switzerland in May of 2016. 

While living in the USA I attended Mississippi College to complete my 4 year university studies. There; I graduated with a degree in Exercise Science, and Sport Nutrition. I also completed a minor degree of study in Psychology while attending Mississippi College. After graduation I went on to study Sport Nutrition through the National Academy of Sport Medicine. I  completed their program as a certified Sport Nutrition Specialist. I am currently working on my Masters of Science through the University of Aberdeen in Clinical Nutrition and hope to have my research and academic program completed by the end of 2019. 


After Graduation my first university graduation in 2013, I immediately began working for Baptist Hospital Systems. Baptist also offered fitness, and wellness services to their patients and community members. I worked at the Baptist Fitness Center/ Physical Therapy center on Mississippi College's University campus as a fitness specialist. While working for Baptist I taught group fitness, trained people individually, and also gave lectures to local businesses, doctor's offices, and government offices on the topics of nutrition and physical fitness. During this time working for Baptist, I worked with Men, Women, Boys, and Girls of all ages, and with all sorts of fitness goals. I not only enjoyed training people physically and helping them reach their goals with proper exercise programming, but I also enjoyed teaching my clients. I believe that it is just as important for my clients to have a healthy perspective of fitness and nutrition as it is for them to have a well programmed training routine. This is why I spend time with all of my clients addressing their questions, thoughts, and concerns about their fitness. And, also why I offer counseling for nutritional needs, and habits. My goal is to not only train you to reach your goals, but also to provide you with the tools and knowledge necessary to sustain those goals, and to understand how the work you are doing is helping your body to do so.


My passion for helping people, and science is what drives me to continually work hard at my craft, and to keep my education current. I regularly study peer reviewed, and accredited research articles relating to fitness, nutrition, and the science of the human body as it relates to both of these. I also utilize resources with ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine), NASM (National Academy of Sport Medicine), and the University of Aberdeen to keep my education current, so that I can offer the best standard of care and practice to my clients. Continued education is a priority of mine throughout my career.


If there is anyone who takes pride in their work and your success, it is me. When you bring your health, fitness, and nutrition goals to me, they become my own. I will be honest, I will work hard, and I will do everything I can to find the best solutions for you. I look forward to working with you and helping you find the smartest fit for your fitness journey.


Personal Training

Individualized, and Expert guided fitness training

1 to 1 fitness training with Seth Lusk. Training designed to fit YOUR specific goals and fitness. Your training comes backed with years of experience from Seth Lusk himself, and the science he spent years studying to be your expert guide into your fitness goals.

Food Knolling

Nutrition Planning

the recipe for great health, starts in the kitchen.

Take the time to take a look at your current eating habits with Seth Lusk. Then working with Seth to create a nutrition plan of action that not only WORKS for you, but is based in the latest science of nutrition. Seth not only has multiple nutrition based degrees and certifications, but also has a passion to continue keeping up with the latest research and news in the realm of nutrition. Let Seth help you gain confidence and clarity with your nutrition.



What is Coaching ?

Seth Lusk has worked hard to achieve many goals in his life. From graduating from his University, to starting his own company in another country than his country of birth; Seth knows what it takes to push forward in the face of adversity. He is also very familiar with the struggles of self image, doubtful thinking, and how these can effect a person's ability to reach for their dreams, health goals, or even to create healthy living habits. Let Seth guide you into a space of inner strength confidence, and clarity that allows you to reach your maximum purpose and potential. One on one time with Seth designed to dig deep into yourself, connect the dots with your mind, and body, and create the HEALTHIEST, and MOST confident YOU.


Personal Training

  • Single session- 110 CHF

  • 5-pack- 525 CHF

  • 10-pack- 1000 CHF

  • 20-pack- 1950 CHF

  • ( 20-pack only for clients who train more than once per week)

Nutrition Planning

  • 1-hour session- 120 CHF


  • 3 month contract required for all new coaching clients. Pricing for the contract is discussed in your consultation appointment

  • 1-hour single coaching appointment- 150 CHF



3-month Contract Combo Packages

These 3 month contracts allow you to combine nutrition management/coaching, with exercise in the best combination for YOU. The prices are a big savings from if you paid for these services separately and individually. (Savings listed in each package)

Connected Fit & Food

With this package you receive 1 personal training session per week and 1 nutrition coaching session per month, for 3 months.

Connected Fit+ & Food

With this package you receive 2 personal training sessions per week, and 1 nutrition coaching session per month, for 3 months.


2,625 CHF

(Savings: 375 CHF)

Connected Fit & Food+

With this package, you receive 1 personal training session per week, and 2 nutrition coaching sessions per month, for 3 months.

Connected Fit+ & Food+

With this package you receive 2 personal training sessions per week, 2 nutrition coaching sessions per month, for 3 months


2,940 CHF

(Savings: 420 CHF)


1,497 CHF

(Savings: 183 CHF)


1,812 CHF

(Savings: 228 CHF)



What’s Being Said

 Engagierter Trainer, geht sehr auf individuelle Bedürfnisse ein. Seth ist flexibel und besitzt ein grosses fachliches Wissen. Besonders gut räumt er mit allgemein verbreitetem Pseudo-Wissen und Fitnessmythen auf und befähigt einen, selbstständig Aussagen von Youtube Fitness-Gurus und der Fitness Industrie kritisch zu hinterfragen. P. s. : er ist auch ein guter Koch!

Robin Sauder

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If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact Seth Lusk via email, phone, contact form (below) or via social media links (below).

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