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Due to the Federal Council's guidelines set in place for COVID-19, Online sessions are being offered, and will continue to be offered to those who wish to remain socially distanced for their health and safety. The studio is also now reopened for face to face appointments, and we are observing all health precautions and guidelines to ensure safety and health of all face to face appointments.

About Me

Reconnecting the mind and body for the healthiest YOU

Hello. My name is Seth Lusk. I am a Certified Life Coach/ Health Coach, Certified Nutrition Specialist, and Certified personal trainer. My journey in the field of health and wellness began in 2009 when I began studying at Mississippi College. I began my studies as a Psychology Major, because I had a passion to help people and wanted to make a difference in how people could live their lives. As I was finishing my studies I took an elective course in nutrition and FELL IN LOVE with the information I was learning in that class. The following year I went to my curriculum advisor and asked about switching my major. I asked to leave the Psychology program with a BSc Minor in Psychology and dove in the the Exercise Science Program at Mississippis College. I graduated in 2013 and went on to work for Baptist Hospital Systems as a Fitness Specialist and Nutrition Consultant. I started studies through the National Academy of Sport Medicine and became a certified Nutrition Specialist. I worked for Baptist Health Systems for 3 years until I moved to Switzerland with my husband in 2016. Once in Switzerland I worked for a major gym chain in Zürich, but was not feeling fulfilled in my path in life. So, I decided to leave the corporate fitness world, and begin my own personal brand and business. I wanted to work with people in a way that I saw fit to work with them, and not how a gym chain was telling me to train people. It was during this time that I started diving into a lot of self development work and worked on self coaching. I discovered the power of life coaching and how it applies to the field of health and fitness and decided to go back to school AGAIN for another certification. A year later I graduated as a certified Life Coach. I now use my skills as a professional in all 3 fields of health (mental, nutrition, and fitness) to help people unlock their blocks in reaching their goals and becoming the most fulfilled and healthiest version of themselves. I work with people in all 3 areas of health and show my clients how these areas all tie together to create one complete package that is a person's life. I LOVE guiding clients into their thinking and beliefs to show them where they have more power than they are letting themselves see, and where they may be holding themselves back with limiting beliefs. I TRULY have a passion for seeing people FINALLY believe in themselves and GO FOR THEIR GOALS. If there is ANYONE in this field of work that is passionate about life itself and helping people step into the position of power in their lives, it IS ME! Your success, and your journey ignites my passion even more. Let's work together to connect all areas of your life and health, and create the HEALTHIEST you! 



What is Coaching ?

Seth Lusk has worked hard to achieve many goals in his life. From graduating at University, to starting his own company in another country than his country of birth; Seth knows what it takes to push forward in the face of adversity. He is also very familiar with the struggles of self image, doubtful thinking, limiting beliefs, and how these can effect a person's ability to reach for their goals. These also hold a person back from creating healthy living habits. Let Seth guide you into a space of inner strength, confidence, and clarity that allows you to reach your FULL purpose and potential. One on one time with Seth designed to dig deep into your inner dialogue, and your belief system that is creating your current results in life, Let coach Seth help you to connect the dots with your mind, and body, and create the HEALTHIEST, and MOST confident YOU.

1 to 1 fitness training with Seth Lusk. Training designed to fit YOUR specific goals and fitness. Your training comes backed with years of experience from Seth Lusk himself, and the science he spent years studying to be your expert guide into your fitness goals. Personal training is no longer available as a stand alone service to beginning clients.

Food Knolling

Nutrition Planning

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What’s Being Said

 Engagierter Trainer, geht sehr auf individuelle Bedürfnisse ein. Seth ist flexibel und besitzt ein grosses fachliches Wissen. Besonders gut räumt er mit allgemein verbreitetem Pseudo-Wissen und Fitnessmythen auf und befähigt einen, selbstständig Aussagen von Youtube Fitness-Gurus und der Fitness Industrie kritisch zu hinterfragen. P. s. : er ist auch ein guter Koch!

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Personal Training

Individualized, and Expert guided fitness training

The recipe for great health, happens in the kitchen.

Take the time to take a look at your current eating habits with coach Seth. Seth will coach you to create a nutrition plan of action that not only WORKS for you, but is based in the latest science of nutrition. Seth not only has multiple nutrition based degrees and certifications, but also has a passion to continue keeping up with the latest research and news in the realm of nutrition. Let Seth help you gain confidence and clarity with your nutrition.

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If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact Seth Lusk via email, phone, contact form (below) or via social media links (below).

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