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About Coach Seth

Hello. My name is Seth Lusk. I am a Master Certified Life-Coach, Published Author, and Podcaster. Here is a little bit about me and my credentials.


Master Certified Life coach,

Master Certified Mindset Coach,

Certified Life Purpose Coach,

Certified Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Coach,

Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach,

Certified Confidence Coach

Certified Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy Coach,

 Certified Nutrition Specialist,

Certified personal trainer

University Degrees:

 BSc Major: -Exercise Science

-Human Nutrition

BSc Minor: Human Psychology

So, working with me is not only backed by my experience, and my passion, but I make sure that my education ensures quality in my work with my clients.

I am originally from the USA, and moved to Switzerland in 2016. I began my journey in Switzerland of leaving the corporate world of health, and fitness to start my own path as an entrepreneur. With my degrees in psychology, nutrition, and exercise science, as well as my certifications, I provide a HOLISTIC approach to my clients' health.


I use my skills as a professional to create AWARENESS, EMPOWERMENT; and ACTION in all 5 areas of human health, and life fulfillment.

 1. Mental: Self-talk, Belief, and Thought Patterns, Self-Image, True Values, and Life Purpose.

2. Emotional: Our feelings, and Emotions, Emotional awareness/intelligence, Emotional Responsibility, Self-Love, Self-Worth, Self-Trust.

3. Spiritual: Our connection to our higher calling, and purpose in life

4. Nutritional: The power of our choice in the things we consume and what they create in our body

5. Physical (fitness): How we connect with our body through intentional movement to celebrate its health, vitality, and energy. Also, stress management, sleep quality & quantity, sleep patterns, activity patterns, etc...

I use all of these areas to help my clients gain clarity and empowerment in reaching their goals of a fulfilling & healthy life.


I TRULY have a passion for guiding people to see themselves with empowerment, love, and compassion. I feel joy when I watch a client believe in themselves, and begin to UNSTOPPABLY go after their goals of a fulfilling, healthy life.


Let's work together to connect all areas of your life fulfillment and health, so you can CREATE, LOVE, and start LIVING as the most AUTHENTIC, and FULFILLED you! 

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Seth has been my life coach and healthy eating coach for the past 2 months. My life and mental State have been changing drastically with his help. I was a very angry person when we first started with had absolutely no boundaries with the toxic people in my life. I also had a terrible habit of negative self talk in every area of my life. Through Seth’s persistence and weekly coaching with me My life is changing and I’m heading down a new path. 


Trish Derr

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